Educational toys did I hear you say?

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Probably one of the easiest and most fun ways for young children to learn is through playing.  So the aim is to find toys that will enable their little minds to grow, broaden their creative horizons, and improve their motor skills all at the same time through ‘playing’.  We have put together a selection of toys that are a combination of fun for the little ones while at the same time allowing them to learn and eliminate the hard work aspect.  

These toys practise fine motor skills ~ skills that will be used daily in other areas such as perfecting daily tasks like closing zippers, tying shoelaces, and even opening the door.  They will help your child’s dexterity, eye and hand coordination as well as help with visual discrimination.  What is visual discrimination I hear you say?  This helps a child to see subtle differences between objects or pictures to see if something matches up hence improving their concentration in paying attention to detail. 

The toys are designed to give your child the self-confidence to be able to complete tasks on their own.  Improve their creativity and even perhaps through repetitive movements, your child can find the skills they can apply in many different areas of their lives.  Let’s play!