Granite Pestle and Mortar


Granite pestle and Mortar



Freshly ground the spices with this kitchen essential.

Pestle and mortar is made of unpolished granite which will ensure that all the ingredients go through a thorough crushing and grinding process.

Designed to hold a large capacity bowl so that the ingredients will not spill. In addition, the heavy stone will ensure the pestle and mortal will not move and cause a mess during use.

This set can be used with a wide variety of ingredients such as spices, herbs, nuts, pepper and seeds.  You can also use this to make condiments such as salsa, guacamole, pesto, fresh mustard and various chutneys.

Just hand wash and let it dry. A lovely housewarming gift or for the cooking enthusiast. A versatile kitchen tool! Pestle and Mortar with sprout option also available online.