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Why silk pillowcases are better than you could have imagined

Unless you have been living under rock, you have probably caught the silk pillowcase fever. We all know how this sort of trends, turn out to be nothing but advertising scams, set out to dazzle you with false claims and make you click on the pay and check out button. Don’t worry. We’re here to answer your questions and put your mind at ease once and for all.

  • Can a silk pillowcase prevent wrinkles?


The fact that silk provides an extremely smooth and soft surface for your face means there will be a lot less friction between your skin and the pillowcase. We get creases on our skin from turning at night and a silky fabric can help reduce the effect of those wrinkles in the long run. Of course nothing compares to sleeping on our backs but since that is a nightmare on its own for most of us, why not help our skin with something less discomforting?

  • Can a silk pillowcase prevent frizzy hair?


Nobody wants to wake up with frizzy hair, tangles or a rough shape.  Whereas a cotton pillowcase can mess up your hair and endlessly tangle them, a smooth surface such as silk allows for hair to glide on it without friction which means it can prevent friz.  No need to mention this to the curly gals out there since silk has always been a best friend of theirs. 

  • Can a silk pillowcase regulate temperature?


Silky fiber is a natural temperature regulator. Whereas cotton absorbs a lot of moisture, silk keeps it away, thus keeping your face and hair dry and cool all night. Yes, there are even more cooling options out there but I doubt they combine all of the above.

  • Can a silk pillowcase keep skin hydrated?


Since as we just mentioned silk has the inherent ability to push moisture away, your skin’s moisture is no exception. Using in the dry months is therefore even more advantageous, especially for those of you with dry skin.

  • Can a silk pillowcase make me feel like a queen?


You know that this is the best part. Apart from all the benefits we just mentioned, sleeping on such a soft fabric is like sleeping on a cloud. Taking care of our body and skin with products and supplements does not exclude the nurture our inner self needs. Pamper yourself away. Guilt free.

P.S. Claims about acne, split ends and anti-aging are misguiding to say the least, so be weary of those! Opt for top quality silk of high momme (or mm); 22 or more. Mulberry is considered to be the best.


Silk Pillow Cae 22mm