Konjac? What is this?

Konjac? What is this?

Is this the secret to glowing skin?

Konjac comes from a plant found in Asia.  The Konjac sponge is handmade from the vegetable fibres of this plant along with clay that contains natural minerals and charcoal.  Konjac sponge is 100% natural and biodegradable.  It is a gentle cleanser for the face and is highly nourishing.  It lightly exfoliates, rubs off dead skin cells and any other debris and impurities left behind from everyday pollution and environmental factors. 

Which Konjac?

The Pink Sponge is ideally for very sensitive skin.  It is gentle and the volcanic clay is  great for calming the skin. It is good for tired, sensitive & dehydrated skin and for skin that is over exposed to sun as the pink clay helps the skin maintain its elasticity.

Green Konjac has aloe-vera which is ideal for normal and combination skin.  This konjac sponge can help neutralise the skin and help with any dry areas. It is calming, soothing and nourishing. 

Black Konjac gets its colour from bamboo charcoal. This sponge is ideal for anyone who is prone to spots or acne, blackheads and outbreaks.  The charcoal contains activated carbon which is great for removing excess oil. The Bamboo Charcoal is also a natural anti-oxidant and will help to sterilise any acne causing bacteria. 

Simply wet the sponge under warm water until it is soaked and use the flat side in a circular motion all over your face to remove dirt effectively.  The circular motion stimulates tired skin and encourages circulation and skin renewal. You can also add a small amount of your facial cleanser and use with the konjac sponge for a deep cleansed face.  

Konjac sponges keep your skin's natural moisture intact.  They do not strip your skin from its essential properties and moisture.  We recommend using a make up remover first followed by the konjac sponge to remove any impurities left on your skin. 

Wash after every use. Please make sure you rinse very well and press between your hands to remove any excess water.  Hang to dry out completely. 

Available in three properties: black charcoal, pink volcanic clay an aloe-vera. 

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