Harvest your willpower

Harvest your willpower

Tips on achieving your goals.

We have all experienced those days when we don't want to get up, feeling discouraged about our lives, not having the energy to get to work and do what we have to in line with our goals or dreams.

Even though the majority of people's goals are not extreme improbabilities such as winning a Nobel prize or finding a cure for Alzheimer's, but totally reachable ones, like losing weight, eating healthier, or writing a book, we fail to keep up with those wants when we know they will only bring good our way.

Instead of blaming ourselves for our lack of willpower, motivation or even self-control, we should try and reframe those goals. 

Three tips to help you take the first steps:

Writing down or just thinking about why the particular goal matters to us will help clarify it and will keep us in line with our core values. If we let ourselves be guided by our authentic needs and values, we will be better able to achieve them. Looking at this in-depth, a little trick to help the situation is to use positive vocabulary. Focusing on what we want to achieve, not what we don't want to, and coming face to face with the negative thoughts in order to surpass them instead of suppressing them, will be very helpful in the long run.

A change in our immediate environment can also go a long way. Removing any temptations will increase our chances of achieving our goals. Whether that is getting rid of junk food, cigarettes, or turning off our phones for a few hours. Yes, it will probably be extremely difficult and distracting at first but as soon as those first days go by you will already begin to taste the fruits of your efforts. 

Plan for success as well as for failure. You cannot say I have a goal of winning an Oscar and then expect things to fall into place in front of you. Simplify. Even if the end goal is unimaginably difficult, you can always cut it down to easily digestible chunks. Make small tasks out of every big milestone and let the approach be gradual. Prepare some if-then scenarios. Know what to do when obstacles come your way and be realistic about them. More importantly, know what it is you fear so that you know how to confront it. Write it down if you need to. It does sound pedantic but I promise it's an immeasurable help.

Be kind to yourself. Everyone's journey is different so choose what is important to improve your life and the lives of those you love, make it meaningful, and set sail.

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