The healing power of silence

The healing power of silence

Silence is proven to change moods, lift spirits, eliminate stress and provide refuge from our cluttering thoughts.  Not the kind of silence that is associated with a sense of loneliness but the kind that is a gratitude for all we have.  Silence can help keep a distance from the negativity that we may encounter throughout the day and any doubts that cloud our thoughts and judgements, and enable us to march on with confidence.  The past year in the lockdown many of us felt a deprivation of our freedom and even some a kind of punishment.  We can easily reverse this negativity by using the power of silence to work positively for us. 

How can we obtain the luxury of silence in a house or life full of noise? -Frustrated children (or husband) running around - all with needs and requirements of their own? Husband needs quiet space for his work, children need help with school work ( or the difficult task of getting them to sit down and do their homework), preparing dinner for everyone and not forgetting children bath time, comb your hair time and story time. Obtaining silence versus pandemonium is not easily achieved.  That in itself is a difficult task.

Like many of you after all the daily chores are completed, I look forward to getting into bed and putting Netflix/Amazon Prime on.  How about skipping the TV or switching it on 20 minutes later? Is it necessary to listen to the news once more that day? Is it necessary to have another glass of wine in your hand? Is it necessary to look at your Instagram or Facebook account again to see if you gained anymore likes or check what the latest three posts are?

How about retiring to your room when the day is over? Maybe you are not in the mood for meditation. How about running a warm bath? Soak in the water in silence? Just sit back and try and relax.  Enjoy the present moment and feel all the gratitude that comes with it.  Enjoy the healing and relaxing smell of perhaps a lavender shower gel.  If you have time why not pamper yourself and exfoliate your body while in the bathtub?

Once out of the bath, how about treating your body and applying a soothing body cream?  What about applying your favourite serum and massaging it deeply into your face to get all the benefits with a facial toning tool? It will provide the luxury of a home spa. 

Or light a candle and read in bed without looking at your telephone ( yes it can be possible to leave your phone outside your bedroom - it will still be there in the morning!). Don't look at that book that has been lying on your bedside table with dread. Perhaps set yourself a task of reading one page. You don't need to read a chapter, just one page and you will see that most likely you will continue reading on. You can indulge in the regenerating feeling of silence with no electronics on. Or dab a few drops of lavender onto your palms and go straight to bed.

Remember Silence is for the courageous ones.  It is not for the faint hearted.  

Whatever you choose, sweet dreams. 

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