How to get rid of dark circles

How to get rid of dark circles

Everything you need to know about causes and solutions

Our eyes are not only the windows to our soul, but also to our body...our opinions regarding someone’s health, age and tiredness are based on the aesthetics of their eyes. No wonder no one feels quite good about dark circles. Here, we’ll see what we can do to make things better for our eyes....

First let’s take a look at what causes discoloration under our eyes:

  1. Quality of skin. Because the skin around our eyes is of the thinnest kind, it allows for small blood vessels to be more visible. Depending on one’s genetics and general facial structure these may become even more noticeable. The natural hollows provide shadowing of the eye area when light hits them. Overhead lighting can worsen their appearance whereas direct light can minimize them.

Tip: Keep this in mind when looking at advertisements by cosmetic companies.

2. Hyperpigmentation of the eye area can occur because of certain bodily changes. These include hormonal changes (ex. With pregnancy, menstrual cycle), certain kinds of moles, melasma and congenital pigment deposition in deeper structures.  We should also mention that contraceptive pills and other kinds of medicine affect such changes.

  1. Aging. Age related changes in the elasticity and collagen production of the skin gradually contribute to making dark discoloration more apparent.
  2. Fatigue/eye strain. Oversleeping or staying up pass your usual bedtime can cause dark circles. Sleep deprivation makes your skin dull and pale thus allowing dark tissues and blood vessels to show. In addition, it causes fluid to build up and makes your eyes puffy. Blood vessels also enlarge when we tire our eyes by watching too much TV or screens.
  3. Poor circulation, anemia. Poor circulation makes blood accumulate under your eyes in small vessels which rupture and leave bruise-like patches. Anemia from iron deficiency also causes purple-ish circles.
  4. Dehydration, smoking, alcohol, too much salt. Too much salt , alcohol and smoking leave your body dehydrated thus making your eyes look dull and sunken.
  5. Sun overexposure. Chronic sun exposure results in excess melanin (the pigment that provides your skin with colour).
  6. Non-white ethnicity. People of darker skin are more prone to have dark circles.

Other than the fact that most of the causes included above are beyond our hands and locked in our DNA, there are fortunately some things you can do to help the situation:

  1. Makeup: careful when removing it and never ‘forget’ to remove it. Mineral makeups can help blend the hue and of course conceal. But be careful! As they can cause irritation to your skin.

   2.Sleep on your back or use an extra pillow. It will prevent puffiness since it will stop fluid pools in your lower lids.

  3.Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen.

   4.Cosmetic creams with caffeine can transiently shrink the blood vessels around the eyes like the old school cucumber, tea bag or frozen spoon.

P.S. Always (!) seek evaluation from your dermatologist who can identify the exact cause of your personal discoloration.

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