Interior 101: How to make a room or space look bigger

Interior 101: How to make a room or space look bigger

The only space that can truly rejuvenate our soul form the hustle and bustle of everyday life is our home.  Home is our safe space and should reflect a sense of freedom and openness.  Having said this, how can we take full advantage of our house interiors and emit this carefree and spontaneous energy? Here are some Terra et Vita tips!

1-It's good to remember that radiant rooms look bigger and more welcoming, therefore, when choosing room palettes and colour combinations, adopt various tones of while or go for cool colours such as blue and green.  Cool colours have the talent of making a space look more open.  For shades of blue consider Tiffany blur and teal, and for greens - olive, sage, seaweed or emerald green- are all great options.  These choices will effectively make the room look more spacious while at the same time adding elegance.  

2-Over the last couple of years, minimalism has become a trend in interior design.  Thinking about it?....Go for it! Minimalism makes areas seem much bigger by focusing solemnly on what is important - only the necessary furniture and accessories stay in your home.  To begin this journey of minimalist interiors, you first need to de-clutter the area.  Stay organised ( and maybe hide a few extra things we all secretly want to keep...) by utilising hidden storage or multi-functional furniture. Furniture that could potentially de-clutter, and give the appearance of a more spacious room, are seating sofas with storage underneath or big aesthetically pleasing baskets.  Other examples are smaller storage boxes ( especially for children's toys).  When extra items can be tided up, you minimise clutter which is often left lying around and give the facade or even more space.  Do not forget: de-cluttering is powerful in clearing out excess baggage in your mind as well as in your home.

Laundry baskets to store children toys, clothes or any paperwork/magazines

  • Leather trays - perfect to store all your ad hoc cards, keys and coins.

Continuing the trend of minimalism, invest in a few larger in size, decorative pieces instead of having many cramped petite accessories. A Leonardo Da Vinci quote 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'. Let this quote be your guide when decorating. Remember, more items means clutter and clutter makes the area seem more confined.

Choose unique adornments such as the Terra et Vita's crystal vase, some candles or diffusers to compliment the overall elegance of any room. If you love colours and want more vividness - choose colourful statement pieces such as decorative cushions or embroidered duvets.

Kantha Cotton cushions

Lighting is a game-changer when it comes to opening up a space. I think you will agree with us that dark areas seem more crowded whereas a lighter space reflects a sense of freshness. Our suggestion? Overload on lights - Lamp stands, wall lights, track lights and even chandeliers. The variety of lighting sources will help create this spacious ambiance so don't only rely on basic overhead light sources.

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